So You Want to Be an Astronaut…

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This week marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 landing on the moon, so we take a look at how the crew prepared for space.
How Japan Took Over 7-Eleven:
Who is the CRAZIEST President of All Time?:
Where Do Banks Keep Your Money?:
Why There's a Traffic Jam on Mount Everest:



Austin Evans says:

Think I'm just gonna play some StarCraft instead…

Yann's World says:

I can believe. In my self

Yann's World says:

Hey funneh play fishing

A Flexing Shaggy says:

Quick answer: No

Rev_dude says:

This is an episode of Techlinked change my mind

Flameless says:

Stage 4 cancer is going to stop all those kids from becoming astronauts

Light Seeker says:

Simple, just become an actor and here you go… You are on the moon.
Moon landing is obviously fake.

useless comment says:

Austin i cant take you seriously with these thumbnails

Voldy356 says:

Darn it, I'm too tall to be an astronaut…

ALL I DO IS GAME!!! says:

ironically Gemini was a retrofitted icbm a TITAN II know as TITAN II GLV

Tony Blade says:

*Ad Comes Up*

YoU cAn PuT yOuR mInD aNd Do WhAt EvEr YoU…

Liquid Zoo Productions says:

linus tech tips too much..

Pradeep Ichangi says:

From india.

Sir, you are serving the real purpose of making videos. Respect.
From technology oriented videos to knowledge oriented videos along with that, you got a permanent place in my heart.

Gmac says:

4:00 they had to learn to survive bear grills style. Go to the nearest hotel.

LukzForEver says:

So You Want a 350z

Sebastian Lopez says:

i have that same tshirt! h&m!!

Sagar Sethi says:

I always wanted to go to the moon but needed good engineering skills and experience to be there

Bill C says:

but it didn't happen

Jaymo89 says:

I don't believe in the moon.
The sun just changes colour at night.


Funfake Electronics says:

What's the music at 1:38 ?

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