SPERM TOUR VR (360 video)

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Development of a baby during pregnancy in 360 video.
Also for virtual reality (VR) - Blood cells vr 360 video is here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDk-QquD8U0
Medical pictures: https://www.dreamstime.com/madrock24_info#



Memedoc Thiccals says:

"9rd month"

Mr. Poptards says:

This makes me not wanna have kids

__KG__ says:

FUCKING MOVE TIMMY, I'M GOING IN FIRST (sorry for anyone named Timmy)

Bruno says:

The true Battle Royale kids


3:45 "9rd" month

Jack Carter says:

This isn't how I remembered it. Fake!!

MR. BRONZO says:

9rd month?!?!?!

Comic HB says:

This is a weird porn category

Aisyah Nazirah says:

I saw baby butt

mom found the poop sock says:

very cool thanks

Alec The Bunny says:

I remember this 25 years ago.

Riley BRYCE CALVIN clan says:

I fell asleep in vr and woke up to this and now im scared

Govtheorist1994 says:

This is so me

xcellion says:

So this is how i was made

Woah ATroll says:

Oh damn I remember this

Valentin arcos says:

I thought it was retina

steven jaiden says:

ok the sound is que creepy but cute same time

steven jaiden says:

im a sperm cell this is cute

Marvin says:

What the fuck am i doing here

Jayson Philip Velayo says:

Its not working anymore

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