Strange Phenomena Caught in the Sky On Camera

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There are some extremely strange phenomena caught in the sky on camera you’ll be amazed by. That’s right, here are the strangest phenomena in the sky caught on camera.
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nicole raphael says:

If a ring cloud had really happened in Jerusalem, my mind is blown.

nicole raphael says:

A ring cloud. Happened in Israel really

Jancarlos Ramirez says:


lilmisskitten 83love says:

5:34 you spin me right round like a record baby right round round round lmao

Brandon Kidd says:

Holy crap, the Ball Lightning looks like something you'd see in dragonball Z, that scientist was holding a KI ball.

Yourname90 changedmyname says:

9 looks the wavy cloud reminds me of teh fortnite eye storm

EDGED2019 says:

iF iTs NoT a PlAnE iT mUsT bE aN aLiEn

Elena Martinez says:

I will add Burger's for my comment

Lusira says:

The explosion one is a mushroom cloud

Theldras Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis says:

if there is only 1 video of it and it is from a amateur and no other claimed observations, assume it is fake, because it by every likelihood is.

Matthew Pokemon 360 says:

I saw wave clouds at my house

Silas Barrow says:

last night i saw a giant, and i mean GIANT, halo around the moon it looked bigger than my hand
plz reply be amazed

Star Redsky says:

UFO but I don't have a picture

Music Boi says:

The thumbnail is wrong, that is a black hole. The black hole currently closest to Earth is light years away

Aaron-kun says:

Ball lightning is just an rasengan

sprinty o says:

Its fak it funny!

Keeyian Hungary says:

I've spotted the fire rainbow more than any other person could ever… I live in farmington nm and I spot these fire rainbows ever 1 to 3 times a summer and spring– so I really think it's a common phenomenon not a so and so "rare" phenomenon👎

Big Chungus says:

2:23 nah that them fortnite clouds

Derpy Rainbow says:

Nobody steal my sundae!

Chief fredzilla says:

5:02 searching in the sky.

Me:Hi god

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