Sustainable seafood from ocean to plate: Choose MSC certified sustainable fish

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Sustainable seafood from ocean to plate.

You probably know how you prefer your fish, but do you know where it came from?

Do you know how it got to that shop, or that chef?

Do you know how it was handled along the way, or even how it was caught?

It’s fair to say that few of us are sure, about the source of our seafood. But, there’s no need to worry, since we have a solution.

Because you can choose responsibly caught fish, that is handled with care and can be traced right back to a sustainable source, by choosing fish with the blue MSC label.

So, however you prefer your fish today, you now know there’ll be fish for tomorrow.

Choose seafood with the blue MSC label from the Marine Stewardship Council.

About the Marine Stewardship Council’s traceability standard

Despite the clear threats posed by seafood fraud, there is hope. The MSC has developed the most widely used seafood traceability standard in the world to ensure that every distributor, processor, and retailer trading in MSC certified sustainable seafood has effective traceability systems in place.

In order to sell MSC labelled seafood, each company along the supply chain must have a valid MSC Chain of Custody certificate and pass annual independent audits to retain it. During each audit, the company must demonstrate that the certified seafood it sells:

* Originated from a certified supplier

* Has systems in place to segregate and prevent mixing between certified and non-certified seafood

* Is identifiable at all times

* Has a traceability system in place for purchase and sale records

These steps ensure that MSC certified seafood can be traced along its journey from ocean to plate giving buyers confidence in its provenance and sustainability.

To ensure that these traceability measures are effective, the MSC regularly conducts a series of monitoring activities, summarised below.

1. ‘Trace-backs’ on MSC labelled products check that the correct paper work is in place along each step of the supply chain from the point at which a product is sold back to a sustainable source. Trace-backs are conducted regularly, with a focus on markets that could be at higher risk of mislabelling.

2. Volumes of MSC certified seafood are recorded along the supply chain and are monitored to detect product substitutions or mislabelling.

3. Unannounced audits ensure that MSC certificate holders are complying with traceability requirements.

4. DNA testing is carried out on hundreds of MSC certified products around the world to ensure that they are correctly labelled.

Leading global seafood retailers and brands McDonald's, IKEA, Carrefour, Hilton and Walmart include MSC certified seafood in their sourcing policy to ensure the sustainability and traceability of their products. The Aquaculture Stewardship Council has also adopted the MSC’s traceability standard to ensure the integrity of responsibly farmed seafood.

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This MSC is something like the " Clinton Foundation" if you get my drift 😉

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Sam Harris says:

No such thing as sustainable fishing anymore, don't be fooled by this PR nonsense. there will be more plastic in the ocean by 2050 then fish. If you give a shit about the oceans then don't eat them, simple

Mark Dunn says:

Great ad. Will look for the blue label from now on.

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