Syd and the Internet: 'Smile More' | 360 VR | The New York Times

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Follow the journey of a new song by Syd and the Internet, from rehearsal studio to concert stage.

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Syd and the Internet: 'Smile More' | 360 VR Video | The New York Times


DaniiSceneSixx Trumper says:

She's so cute * – *

Sean Wilkerson says:

It's crazy. Every single aspect of The Internet is the kind of stuff I love. They incorporate a piece of every genre I love so much, and they do it so perfectly. They have to be my favorite current band. They're closing in on all time for me.

TheLovliestTear says:

In 2018, this is still so cool!

Kim Horton says:

I’m sorry but forget them for just a sec… this vid is so fvcking dope! I get to focus on who I wanna (Syd❤️)… daaaam son! Technology is taking us places 🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️🙆🏽‍♀️

wildlemonade says:

Omg Steve is only seventeen

L A Vibes says:

This video will have you feel like your tripping ….love you Syd!!!!!

Kelly Leong says:

I love how much they share how they make their music.. make me love them even more!!

DeAnna Mckinney says:

I can move the room how cool

Akaash Kathawaroo says:

I was watching this in bed and I was like oh aight dope and then I turned to face my left and what I was watching changed and I was like….huh, started moving my phone around and I was shiiii….So awesome, next week a 360 video on YouTube before ….the internet are amazing

Kerb0Turb0 says:

Steve high as foq ctfuuu

Sarah Crowley says:

360 view, set onto Steve Lacy ,only

sarah Owens says:

Syd is in charge of these men, love it

ellie alexander says:

She gives me chills like.. 😍

Recording Studio Rockstars says:

Awesome video! What 360 camera did you guys use? Thanks! Lij

Aaron Daniels says:

it be my dream to work with these guys !! @

Laviko Maclin says:

I want too be in a band😎

Kenzie Piper says:

😂 looking at the ground and feet because I didn't know any better…

ItsSoAli says:

😂Fam I was staring at the floor for 5 minutes until I realized-

Mitch B says:

Never seen a video that i felt like i was a part of as a viewer…i touched the screen and changed the scene on some google map type sht that was Ethereal!!!

aGwEENapple says:

lol her voice is so cute and easy to listen to it's like a baby voice and her singing voice is pure angelic

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