A survivor of a maximum-security Japanese internment camp recalls his experience at Tule Lake in Northern California. See what remains of the camp in this 360 video.

By: Alexander Thompson, Logan Jaffe, Samantha Quick, Kaitlyn Mullin

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Vivid Memories Of Tule Lake Internment Camp | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

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Waterskiing on 40 degrees cold water lol 4/13/19

Exploring the Shaver Lake area and trails in 360 Degree Virtual reality!


Shaver Lake is an artificial lake on Stevenson Creek, in the Sierra National Forest of Fresno County, California. At elevation 5,500 ft (1,700 m), several smaller streams also flow into the lake, and it receives water from the underground tunnels of Southern California Edison's Big Creek Hydroelectric Project. The town Shaver Lake is located on its south-west shore.

The lake was formed with the construction of Shaver Lake Dam, which was built by Southern California Edison and completed in 1927. The 180-foot dam was built in 50-foot (15-m) blocks, with a keyway to hold it in place and a 75-centimeter (30-inch) copper sheet to make it watertight. Its capacity is 135,283 acre⋅ft (166,869 dam3). Some water from the lake is discharged into Stevenson Creek for fish and other wildlife, but the rest is diverted to Big Creek, where it powers several hydroelectric plants in succession.

The area now covered by the lake was extensively logged before the dam was built, and an extensive log flume system several miles long was constructed to bring logs down the mountain. The town to this day maintains a nostalgic logging theme. Several buildings in town are in fact old, converted sawmills. Adjacent to the lake is Camp Edison, built and operated by SCE.On August 13, 1943, Grace Craycroft (née Shaver), the daughter of pioneer lumberman Charles B. Shaver after whom the lake and town is named, drowned after suffering from a heart attack whilst attempting to save a 12-year-old boy from drowning.

The reality TV shows Endurance High Sierras and Capture were filmed at Shaver Lake in summer 2006 and summer 2013, respectively.The Shaver Lake Trophy Trout Project is a non-profit organization to educate the public on fishing and make Shaver Lake a fishing destination.

Camp Chawanakee, a Boy Scout Camp run by the Sequoia Council, is held on a peninsula in the South of Shaver Lake. BSA troops from all over California attend each Summer.

Video Title: Shaver Lake in the Snow 360 Degrees VR Video (Shaver Lake, CA)

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