Take Off From The World's Most Dangerous Airport in 360° Virtual Reality! (360 Video)

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Tenzing-Hillary Airport is not for the faint of heart. Situated at the base of the Himalayas, it is the starting point for the trek to Everest and home base for top helicopter rescue pilots.

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Видео 360 says:

Всё самое интересное с 1:30 начинается ))) долго не мог понять, что показывают. но полет на вертолете конечно интересней, чем просто пейзаж аэропорта

fast revolution says:

my pc cant take 4k

Akash Dahal says:

It's about land of mountains….NEPAL

Arabas Matipas says:

Its dangerous in phillippines
Planting live bullets!!

RoyalGames says:

why helicopter?..

H. Mushmann says:

Great video! Could do without the fisheye lens though.

San De3p says:

yeah it is in nepal

Mink says:

Taking off in a helicopter is not what I wanted to see.

Killer Queen says:

My laptop is so crappy, it won't load 4k resolution. sigh

ayoub semlali says:


H.Motawa says:

meh , the camera is just standing still . nat geo's ones are alot better

Saunterblugget Hampterfuppinshire says:

Why can't rescuers use a VTOL plane to rescue people in the Everest?

because it's a plane?

Cathi Gordon says:

Wow.. these pilots have great wings and skills,… I would put my trust in their judgement …they would fly me home safely. … I hope…. very scary runway … where's the rum ?

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