The Families Being Torn Apart By The Nuba Conflict [Sudan In 360, Part 5]

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Relentless bombings in the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan have forced civilians there to hide in caves. Hear the story of Hanan, a mother trying to protect her children from the bombs, as part of our VR series, We Who Remain, following the lives of four people living through the war. Watch the full series here: Produced in partnership with Nuba Reports and Emblematic Group.

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Ravi Gopinathan says:

isn't that the wrong accent the video is using to speak for this woman? It sounds like a Mexican accent. But horrible situation of course. The US should accept more refugees.

king of horn african. says:

l hope sudan become peace.

Pretty Prudent says:

She said "If you work hard God will give you what you need." What a strange thing to say for someone who has worked hard all her life and has next to nothing. Religion is a very convincing thing, especially for those who are poverty-stricken.  What we do have in life is what we've accumulated ourselves. (often with the help of other people).

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