The Fire in Our Backyard – Eagle Creek Fire 360 VR Documentary

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The Columbia River Gorge is one of the Pacific Northwest's most amazing natural wonders. To those of us in Oregon, it's like our backyard. We spend our Summers backpacking, camping, hiking, fishing, paddling and kiteboarding there.

When a destructive wildfire was started near the Eagle Creek Trailhead on Labor Day weeked of 2017, we all watched in shock and horror as nearly 50,000 acres in the Gorge were engulfed in flames. Major transportation routes shut down, trails were closed, hikers were stranded for hours, and people were forced to evacuate their homes and businesses. The careless actions of an individual lighting and throwing fireworks during a burn ban ultimately led to an estimated $36 million in damages. But for everyone who loves the Gorge, the impacts of the fire go far beyond monetary value. A cherished landscape was forever changed, and our “backyard” will never be quite the same.

The Fire in our Backyard is a story about the fire and its impact on our community. From the incredible response of wildland firefighters, search and rescue teams, and the Forest Service, to the people who live and work in the Gorge, our film examines the consequences of the Eagle Creek Fire on one of Oregon's most cherished landmarks.

To learn more about the National Forest Foundation’s restoration efforts in the Columbia River Gorge and how you can help, visit:


Forest Sage Outdoors says:

Thank you guys for allowing me to narrate and be in this wonderful video documentary!

Valravyn says:

Excellent and interesting video. I've been trying to convince the folks at Esri to integrate 360 AR videos for Geospatial applications. Thank you for documenting this event in a unique way. Also, thank you for the SAR work you and Leroy do. 🙂

BTW, which 360 video camera did you use for this recording? Did you also use Adobe Premiere to render the final video?

Peter Berkey says:

How many cases of illegal fireworks have been prosecuted in the area around PDX? I'd just like to know if the laws banning the illegal use of fireworks have ever been enforced? Why are people expected to follow the rules if the rules are never enforced? If nobody cares and the laws are never enforced, why have the laws?

Chris Carrera says:

Hey man this is awesome !!! Thanks !!

Peter Berkey says:

As a land owner next to Wind Mountain, I've got neighbors who shot off illegal fireworks all summer for parties, This went on for years. I called the sheriff, Forest Service and every agency in the Gorge for help. Nobody cared…. nobody! Yes, this is my backyard too and I respect this very sacred place. It's very sad when we have such obvious violation of the law with no enforcement. It's all turned into a political game.

N Tadlock says:

That was amazing..

X X says:

Clark county Washington board of directors, had a meeting, 18 months before the fire. They discussed things people do with fire works, and still chose to let children have them. The fire was a direct result of their negligence.

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