The Forgotten: Chungu (360 VR Short Film) Refugees in DRC Congo

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Experience the intense story of Chungu; a 16-year-old girl struggling to survive from a recent cholera infection, after being traumatised by the consequences of war.

In March of this year we joined Stichting Vluchteling (SV) and the International Rescue Committee (IRC) once again (in 2015 we traveled to Iraq for the production of The Pursuit of Happiness),) this time to one of the most problematic countries in Africa – if not the world – DRC Congo.

Here, we visited several refugee camps in the Kivu province; one of the provinces struck hard by outbreaks of violence.

The situation in Congo is extremely urgent: approximately 4.5 million people are IDP’s: Internally Displaced People. They are refugees in their own country, receiving zero help from their government thus relying completely on help from civilians and ngo’s like SV and IRC.

DRC Congo has been in an ongoing crisis for multiple decades. Perhaps this is why we tend to forget it altogether. But the people there are in dire need of aid. Families have been torn apart, young girls are being held as sex-slaves, children are dying from TB and cholera.

Let's make sure we don't forget them.

Client: Stichting Vluchteling / The International Rescue Committee
Production Company: VR Gorilla
Director: Peter van Apeldoorn & Daan Tan
DOP: Daan Tan & Peter van Apeldoorn
Audio recordings & spatial sounddesign:


Bing Bang says:

Hello!! do you also make fiction shortfilms ?? There is a short film i would love to share with you 🎬; you could just search for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube or maybe send me a message to give you the link, Thank you! !!!

Celester Scholtius says:

Sad i did not know what to do if i was her 🙁
One like one money for all 😞❤️

VR Gorilla - Virtual Reality Productions says:

Watch the second episode of 'The Forgotten', focused on Yumba, a 17-year-old girl suffering the consequences of war:

boombeach gamer says:

i don't like this srry VR Gorilla

Chelsea fan 127 CFC says:


grdgr rgdg says:

everyone is given 1 soul to experience the world during their life time. its literally like rolling a dice. sad to know that theres people out there that feel priveledged countries dont need to help those in need

sleeping elephant says:

This is not amazing, this is actually very sad. Our daily complaints and worries are nothing compared to circumstances of these people. I do not trust any charity, is there any way to help specific people living in these regions? Thank you for the video.

Levi Hofland says:

very impressive and awesome quality!

This is Uganda says:

great video guys! share their story

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