The rise and rise of location based virtual reality

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In this panel from VRX 2017 in San Francisco, experts discuss the primary challenges and opportunities arising in location-based VR.

Most VR leaders agree that one of the major challenges for the industry is getting products and experiences in the hands of consumers. Getting people to experience great VR without having to purchase an expensive headset is crucial to raising awareness. Experiential arcades, bars, pop-ups and theme parks all provide an opportunity for this and in this session, some of those on the front line will give their views on what’s working now, and where the future of out-of-home VR is likely heading.

Panelists included:

Jim Preston, Executive Producer, Nomadic VR
Bruce Vaughn, CEO, Dreamscape Immersive
Tim Martin, CEO, Fictional Force

Panel moderated by: Mary Jesse, CSO, VRstudios


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