The Science of VR – Virtual Reality Explained (VR180)

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Does VR fool your brain into thinking it’s really there? When done well, Virtual Reality makes you actually FEEL like you’re in a different place. We call this VR experience PRESENCE. How does this happen?
In this video, we’ll explain how VR tricks your brain into feeling like you’re IN a 3D world, and not just watching a 2D video. It does this by showing a slightly different picture to each eye.

To understand the science of VR, you’ll need to understand the science of vision. We’ll discuss how our vision works normally, and how VR video exploits the natural process of vision to fool you!

This is a VR180 video, which means we’ve captured an entire hemisphere for you. To experience this fully for yourself, you should watch this video using a VR headset. This can be as simple as Google Cardboard, or you can use one of the fancier headsets like the Oculus Quest or Lenovo Daydream. If you don’t have a headset, you can still experience the 180 nature of the video by scrolling the screen around with your finger. Don’t miss our special guest who has monocular vision…

We’d like to thank the YouTube Creator Lab and VR Scout for giving Socratica the opportunity to learn how to make VR videos for you! Stay tuned as we continue to explore this new technology in several future videos.

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We recommend the following texts and devices to help you enjoy VR:

Neuromancer by William Gibson
(Science Fiction predicting Virtual Reality)

Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
(Science Fiction exploring Virtual Reality)

Oculus Quest VR Headset

Oculus Rift S VR Headset

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Host: Liliana De Castro
Written & Produced by Kimberly Hatch Harrison and Michael Harrison

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Socratica says:

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Eero Teppo says:

VR is such a promising technology for education! It can really grab your attention and let you experience things. Like imagine a physics simulation where you can change the laws of physics and see what happens (mind blown).

Ariel Vieira says:

amazing video


Most well explained video on vR

Mohammad L says:

interesting to own a VR glasses 🤔.

B B says:

How old is this video?

Heisenberg says:

Thank you so much. From Thailand

Pixelnauts says:

Ok that was really cool to watch

Chris Kelling says:

freaking awesome

J V says:

I was reminded at the end that if a simulation was made that was indistinguishable from reality we would all but prove we are in a simulation. Assuming this happens sometime in the future, could we leave the simulation?

Fabio Silvestre Martins says:

Since you speak English and Portuguese like a native speaker I've got to ask you. what's your native language? Have you learned both of them as you were growing up?

Mohammed Alomari says:

Great explanation as always. –This channel deserves more popularity.😭

vijay kumar says:

Excellent of excellence…

yari vielman says:

The closest I'll ever be to Liliana #SAD

Giovanni Contreras says:

is this real life or is this just fantasy ♫♫♫♫

Ryan Swaggert says:

It would be cool to know why watching 3d videos starts to hurt your eyes quickly without glasses.

techno leonard says:

Muito bom esse video, caracas alem de tudo ela fala inglês muito bem!

monya agouzoul says:

that was so genius 😍 thank you @socratica ❤

José M. da Silva Junior says:

Even with the video paused you can turn your head (or phone) and check the VR scene. Cool.

maze case says:

I ship her with snape from harry potter

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