The strange dolls that come to life (360 video) – BBC REEL

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Meet two people who dedicate their lives to bringing weird and wonderful clockwork characters back to life.

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Judy Whiting says:

People…you make think their"creepy"..these rare rare.moving dolls..are so EXPENSIVE ..worth thousands….wonderful that u are able to repair these works of art of a bygone era……

southtown j says:

LSD makes that happen or demonic possession! Jesus saves. Might be best to find him and ask him to deliver you from your lunacy

Silvest says:

Creepy as f

kaden howell says:

Look behind but the doll that was dark brown and stuff not creepy but a little

ricardo martinez says:


Bigfatboko. says:

Love your work (and Findhorn) The man in the moon reminds me of that French guy (I think) who made one of the 1st movies and shot a rocket into his eye.

Ojea 360 says:


Max Marshall says:


Fallen Faust says:

this is creepy

Z’ oX says:

What a unique dolls, cool ✨😲

Cutsy Booksy says:

Did anybody notice that you can move the camera to see all around the room, that's pretty cool!

Kris Po says:

Why does one of the dolls look like Balloony? xD

Yonatan Kristanto says:

Very cool and creepy!

Ali Shour says:

Stupid and creepy

Marcus W says:

You can’t get rid of the babadook

Uma Kant Prasad says:

That dall was so scary

Christian Doretti says:

Can you eat them?

Milhouse Van Houten says:

Well that’s terrifying!

Feb Vel says:

360 video is a bad idea

Allen Mathew says:

I am creeped out and confused… Is an understatement

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