Total Eclipse of the Sun In 360

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In this video you can pan the camera around to experience the eclipse in 'VR'' (not really) - you can see the changes in the landscape around you, see the shadow bands and crescent shaped shadows on the ground around you and hear people cheering at the event in real time.


King Panda the 01 says:

You comley troll me as i thought there was some noise people outside when it was you and the kids!!

Mr.Clean says:

There are white flowers behind you and a shed. Just thought you needed to know.

Dane H says:

Awesome video! Was that the sound of the NASA Jet in the background?

Jason Smyth says:

Thanks, Scott. I had to miss the eclipse because we had a death in the family. It's not quite as good as having seen it myself, but we buried him under the occlusion of Sol, and I think he would have liked that.

Diary 333 says:

You're the man, Scott

James Fleming says:

Thanks for posting ?

Storm Infection says:

"Eclipse flashlights! Helps you see during the eclipse!"
Totality only lasts like 1 minute..

Jake Buckler says:

you could see venus above the sun a tad to the left in this video

Baleur says:

0:40 the most amazing thing about this video are the echoes of countless people down in the valley screaming.
Imagine this during the age of the Aztecs, their entire population of their cities standing out in the courtyards chanting and cheering as their blood priests are preforming timely sacrifices on the highest pyramid altar.
Some things truly transcend time.

MatrixGuardians99 says:

Where I was, I was able to see the moon fully eclipse the sun, and at the last second storm clouds covered the sun up. I was about 1 second away from seeing a total eclipse.

Bradford Hinton says:

Scott, thanks for sharing. The first time I watched it, I was not aware that I could move the camera and thought that you had gone outside right before it started and set the camera up, but not on a tripod. It was awesome, even just like that. Of course, I noticed the refractive eclipse in the right side of the frame and it delighted me that I could see the eclipse in part there. Loved the bugs thinking it was night, too. Then, when it finished, I moved the phone and the FRAME moved! I was like, "Is the video still playing and why is Scott moving exactly like I am?" Then I gasped. I've never seen anything so cool. Thank you for sharing. Technology is amazing. (Mind blown)

Ace Strife says:

I completely missed the eclipse despite knowing a week in advance when it was happening. Yay for not having smart devices that have notifications running 24/7.

I guess I gotta wait until 2024 now..

Gun Tech. says:

Check the wall with the birdhouse on it for the shadow snakes!

thomasfsan says:

Thank you Scott! I tried to watch it but all streams cut to the image of the eclipse. It's so interesting to hear the sounds, to see how the landscape changes.. the strangeness of the light. Also, I recommend you check out the opening scene from Werckmeister Harmonies, beautifully capturing a kind of eclipse..

Stevymcstevyman says:

62% Totality here in Cali boyos. I got to watch the sun get sliced in half

realflow100 says:

I only got about 30 seconds to a minute MAX of totality and it was a beautiful 30 seconds to a minute
amazing. everyone shouted and got excited and cheered.
I was snapping some photos and pics of the moon shaped one.
I WISH I HAD ENOUGH SPACE FOR A VIDEO OF THE TOTALITY BUT I WAS OUT OF SPACE and didnt have enough time to delete any old vids.
so i just snapped a bunch of pics with the glasses over my phone camera. then watched the rest of it with my eyes.

WarblesOnALot says:


That sure is! a Humm-Dinger of a Camera you've got there Scott…; if ever it stands to Stud then I reckon I'd like to have a Pup out of it…!

Have a good one,


Ciao !

Placeholder says:

total eclipse of the heart

exploserOC says:

I've watched this without audio and tried to imagine the fear of the ancient people when their sun suddenly disappears and I tried to picture their stories to explain this for a moment…

Bradley Mangham says:

Skip to 0:31 for a message from big smoke

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