Train Like an Astronaut at NASA Space Camp

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So you want to train like an astronaut at NASA Space Camp? We (Gemma + Craig) did!

Learn how to moonwalk for the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, endure the Vomit Comet like Gosling and do an EVA at NASA Space Camp in Huntsville, Alamaba.

Read the full guide here:

Thanks to Huntsville, Alabama for this opportunity.


Gwskater Space says:

Graduated today lol

Craig Armit says:

I want to go back! 🚀

It's all trip to me says:

Awesome video guys! You've brought our wanderlust to a whole new level🖤

One Modern Couple says:

Looks like fun guys!! Except the "vomit comet" lol

Festival Fan Club says:

Out of this world!

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