Tribemix Virtual Reality for Dementia Care Reaction – 1080p

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And people say that VR is stupid & has no point, they were wrong....
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My reaction & thoughts to "Tribemix Virtual Reality for Dementia Care"

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PLEASE SHARE THIS VIDEO!!! #happyweeping

Hertfordshire based organisations, Tribemix and Quantum Care, have developed a series of virtual reality experiences that take people living with dementia in care out of the residential homes and away to a range of relaxing places. The immersive 3D scenes include the beach, a forest or even to watch dolphins playing around a coral reef.

The project has already gained industry recognition as Tribemix and Quantum Care have been nominated for an Outstanding Innovation Award in Dementia Care at the National Dementia Care Awards.

The project began when Tribemix Managing Director, Alex Smale, wanted to help his elderly neighbours to get outside after becoming isolated due to disability, “Our nearby residents, Stan and Dulcie, are 99 and 94 years old respectively. Over the past two years, we watched them go from active people walking into town to do their shopping, to losing their confidence and never leaving the house. When we began developing in VR for our commercial clients early this year, I thought ‘Wouldn’t it be great if we could take Stan and Dulcie to the beach?’. So I created a virtual reality experience to do just that. This led to a conversation with a friend at Quantum Care. They were fortunately very forward thinking, and understood what we were trying to do. The results have been amazing and it’s the most rewarding thing I’ve ever been fortunate enough to do.”.

Tribemix is now working with Quantum Care to roll the project out across their care home group. They are also working on developing the technology into training to allow carers and relatives to understand what it feels like to live with dementia.

For more information, please contact Tribemix at or call 01462 623929



tribemix says:

Thanks for the lovely video. Great to see your reaction. Thank you for supporting what we're trying to achieve. 🙂

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my grandpa has dementia

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This is so nice this is summer neice nice video

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