UN peacekeeping chief visits troubled DR Congo's Beni city

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The United Nations peacekeeping chief, Jean-Pierre Lacroix, has visited the Democratic Republic of Congo following the killing of 14 peacekeepers in the troubled country. The attack on the Semuliki base wounded 44 others earlier this month. Lacroix visited Beni where he had a security assessment meeting with various military personnel. The UN peacekeeping chief praised the peacekeeping mission's efforts in the country, and added that the UN will put more effort into seeking peaceful solutions to the on-going conflict in the DRC.

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n s says:

so called UN peace keeping forces have been in the Congo for more than a decade, but millions of Congolese continue to die and women getting raped!! don't lie to us about keeping peace!!!! it's all propaganda!!! y'all useless and failed purposely, in keeping the civillians safe from the enemies. go back y'all to your fucking countries!!!

John mondesir says:

Au peace keep mission no more Un peacekeeping mission $$ all their there for

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