UNVAULTING EVENT IN 360°! | Fortnite VR Experience

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Every major Fortnite event will be in 360° on this channel, for those of you who missed it! Make sure to subscribe 🙂

This is a 360° degree video. You can use your mouse or move your phone to look around!


Jace's Life says:

I was that star lord in the game

Leila Omr says:

Брошенные Башни помним любим скорбим

Giggle Kiñg • 7 years ago says:

I legit thought I would die when the flaming rocks came 😅

Aeden TNT says:

tilted had it comeing

Frayter says:

Вывод: вулкан пидорас

бейблейд го says:

Есть руские

Furious Gangsta says:

R.I.P Tilted Towers😥

edu xd says:

R.I.P pisos picados (2018-2019)

Art For life says:

I wonder how the people felt 😔

Jakobbey Bibb says:

Yooooooooooo im n this video

Scythe Lixzz- says:

Damn,I’m tall asf

Pablo Souzamaciel says:


Shawnie Playz says:

I recorded the event but this is better

Salvador Jr Miranda says:

Gracias por el vídeo sirve para el que se le bugeo

gameplays F LEON says:

Xq Jira la mierda

AidenGaming says:

I seen this live in fortnite so i dont have to watch this BUT I WANT TO

Su Tart says:

I smell a tommy gun being unvaulted

daniel onishchenko says:

Only like if you're an og

daniel onishchenko says:

I was in the event but why drum guns not bounce pads

Sir Miko says:

Wow how you do that?

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