VR 360 Great Hammerhead shark dive Vlog #19

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Aly Demayo and I decided to do an amazing shark dive with great hammerheads at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas with the wonderful Jim Abernethy www.scuba-adventures.com I shot the entire experience with the new Fusion 360 VR camera from gopro so if you have VR goggles now is the time to break them out. VR 360 can only be viewed using the youtube app on your phone or with the google Chrome browser on your computer. I hope you guys like it and if you do please comment below and share this with your friends. Thank you everyone...


Dmitri Freyman says:

That's just too kewl

Daphne Iking says:

this is the best underwater 360 shot ive seen on youtube so far, images are sharp and stitching is perfect! And the absence of footing< will be interesting if we can learn what housing u are using, Jeb. thank u!

Daniel Rider says:

What housing are you using for the camera?

PizzaGod says:

What is the song playing, I really like it

mutencbr says:

10 años mas despues 😄😄

Sona says:

Thank you for the nice video and we are looking forward to see more videos with Aly.

niffum says:

That was amazing! I want to use this in my classroom now and use it for a writing activity. My class of kindergarteners would absolutely love this.

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