VR 360 Talon Roller Coaster 360 Degree POV Dorney Park

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Take a 360 degree ride on the awesome Talon at Dorney Park! Move your phone to look around!


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kitten rules says:

Was that hang time?

karter the giraffe says:

That guy though…

Caity C says:

I remember last night I was at Dorney and my brother forced me to go on Talon even though I said no for the last 2 years. I LOVED IT!

ana cruz says:

It was to fast i was like i dont know where the front was so i Went CRAZY😂🤩

Ka Sia Xiong says:

Meh love this moviee

Ka Sia Xiong says:

Meh love this moviee

frederick schiller says:

OMFG you finally went to dorney it’s one of my favorite parks beside Darien

Elizabeth Oltrogge says:

I live 15 minutes away from Dorney and this is one of my favorites

Kstill Here says:

you need double screen to make better

Deceit Sanders says:


itstianafosho says:

The first floorless roller coaster I ever rode 💞

IsJaNa says:

I really like the 360 possibility. Great video

SkillerSwag says:

Cool! The it doesn't work when I move my phone tho, I have to touch the screen for it to look around. Still great video 👍

Mark Hoefflin says:

I love these 360 videos!!

Liam Aitchison says:

Very fun ride! 👍🏾

Pinky Love says:


DanDoesVlogs says:

I need to ride this…

LØxNightFang V-V says:

Doesn't work. Please explain.

B LIFE says:

Nice video And Nice coaster

Mr Gamer says:

It doesn't work

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