[VR 360 video] Roller Coaster POV Extreme Frisbee Ride Virtual Reality Nintendo VR Box

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[VR 360 video] Roller Coaster POV Extreme Frisbee Ride Virtual Reality Nintendo VR Box.
Amusement Theme Park Ride with an extreme swing Frisbee Ride in Virtual Reality for VR Box, PSVR, Nintendo Virtual Reality and many more VR Box.

Use your Google Cardboard, Oculus Go/Rift S/Quest, Nintendo Virtual Reality or any other VR Box or just the YouTube smartphone app to look around in 360°.

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360 Vacation VR says:

This is one of our favorite non roller coaster amusement rides, a swinging frisbee you can find in almost every theme park in 360 degree Virtual Reality for VR Box Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Rift S, Oculus Quest and many other headsets.

artuber Minecraft says:

me mario

I got dizzy

Adinda Family says:

Yang orang indo like

Oluśa :3:3 says:


Oscar Pallasco says:

Love much videos ❤

Micheline Nogareti says:

Eu tô buscando um comentário em portugues

Stephanie Cuellar says:

When tu buscando un comentario en español :v

Florencia Roteño says:

Like si eres argentina

Woodnika Louis says:

I went on this ride before and I was dizzy. But I love it

Setajesch Mirzay says:

I want to go inside

Елизавета Алексеева says:

Сидя на диване, посто смотря ролик уже затошнилло и голова закружилась сильно)

Uvjvjg Ychhv says:

أتمناه تنزل اكثر

Science Gaming says:

This is retarted!

Sprlte mmm says:

Я на такой в живую каталась Экскалибро

Moonlight Twins says:

Can someone please explain how he did it

Mariam Raza says:

Why your videos are not 360 urghhh is there's any problem with my vr or what

Gothic Dragon warrior Queen says:

Bring it on, I love this!!!😊❤👍

TheDiegoCoC says:

Me puse mis lentes y me maree todo, wow👌👌

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