VR Car Driving Simulator 360

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VR Car Driving Simulator 360
Paweł Patrzek
VR Car Driving Simulator 360 Cardboard is the only such driving simulator in Google Play that gives a real feeling of driving a car in virtual reality. The controls are very simple even if you don't have a bluetooth joystick. While driving, you can look around like in a real car and admire the beautiful scenery and race with other cars on different levels of difficulty of the route. VR Car Driving Simulator 360 Cardboard lets you experience the feel of driving on the racetrack without leaving your home. Different difficulty levels of routes will help you gradually increase your skills. If you're studying for the driving test then VR Car Driving Simulator 360 Cardboard will help you polish your driving skills in a safe environment without risking damage to a real car.

The game is constantly being expanded and new functionalities appear every week.

There are two control modes to choose from:

Without bluetooth joystick:
In this mode, all you need is a gyroscope telephone and cardboard. The control is done by looking at the forward and reverse icons and tilting the head left or right.


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