[VR Video 360°] Extreme 360 Roller Coaster Frisbee Ride POV Google Cardboard Virtual Reality

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[VR Video 360°] Extreme 360 Roller Coaster Frisbee Ride POV Google Cardboard Virtual Reality.
360 degree Frisbee Amusement Park Roller Coaster Ride for VR Box, Playstation VR, Nintendo Switch VR & Oculus Go.

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Watch it with Official Google Cardboard


Samsung Gear VR with controller

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality headset

HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System

All products we used on our channel:

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Salty.Ducky. •-• says:

I would literally die

[Äłiņă] Łîfē says:

Кружится голова

Roromax9 says:

J'adore les vidéo en 360° c'est grave class ! 👍 👍 👍

HayGame' S says:

My brother thought he was dreaming

설희 says:


Zoya Sohail says:

Omg i hate rollercosters i was sooo scared i fell of my bed

Little Tuko says:

I went on one of these in Wisconsin before.

Melek Karakoc says:

Bu nasıl bir şey yaa

stacie taylor says:


I've been on that ride and it got very messy I ate two packs of doritos

Madison’s Channel says:

I hope people do this stuff make it 360

Ad Plays says:

Look up my good I’m scared and I’m not even there

فوفو الملكه says:


Nugget Nugget says:

Ive actually been on somthing like that before it was scart

Kevin Bunce says:

These are the rides from Canada's wonderland cool

Dynafit 8622 says:

It is same with Hurricane in south Korea EVERLAND!!

kateleen Burkin says:

I really like that it made me sick but i still like it

Mika Markkanen says:

First vr 360° video that really made me sick.

ItsYaGirl India says:

I was trying to yank the headset off but it was stuck to my head and I was screaming so loud 😂

Atlantis G0D says:

:me Mommy there’s a 3D ride wanna see?:mom NO U ARE TO YNOWG dad:XD

Gilberto jose Quintanilla says:

Vr tiene que ser la pantalla doble y 360 es que se mueva la pantalla

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