Whale Sharks at Risk | Racing Extinction (360 Video)

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The largest fish on the planet – they can grow up to 46 feet in length, and weigh up to 15 tons – whale sharks are gentle giants. Filmed off the coast of Mexico, our footage captured them as they were feeding while migrating to points south.

Join a conservation biologist on an interactive mission to learn how animals critical to the world’s ecosystem thrive and survive in the wild.

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Geronimo Llasos says:

Wow like it

のんのんの says:


Ross Harris says:

You like to have alot of blue water footage. Not even 1 minute total time showing the whale shark?

nfl arda lee sin says:

Çok güzel

Melissa H says:

This video is not 360°

꧁Hyuda꧂ says:

this message for all whale shark out there..go to indonesian water there safe..stay away from japan sea they eat anything from sea

Tula x says:

I didn’t know u could move it all I was string at was the water in top until I moved my phone 😂 Reply and like if same

Doly Thompson says:

I hate that beautiful animals like this whale shark are going to be not on this earth #savetheanimals comment the # and maybe someone will see

Wild Me says:

When and where did you see this whale shark?

Adam A says:

Such beautiful creatures!

Kim R. says:

It saddens me to hear from all 3 videos I’ve watched from this channel, that Giraffes, lions, and Whale Sharks are all endangered

Game Of rules says:

Yeah 360 move ur device to see the beauty…….??………………

Shihab Ap says:


Donato Rodrigues says:

Ay sí le dan like comentan pero no hacen ni p*** m*** para salvar a las especies en peligro de extinción

Donato Rodrigues says:

P*** salven al tiburón ballena salven a las ballenas por la gran p***

mochi nomix says:


Aurora Mystic says:

Beautiful creatures.

Samuel Joson says:

im 17 comment yay #savethewellsharks

Pet Harmony says:

Why are many animals racing extinction? Oh I know why! Humans! Humans can be the worst things on this planet and they can be the best. Whale sharks are beautiful. I don’t want to see any animal becoming extinct because of us. Humans don’t need to be so ignorant and greedy. Some people have less than others. We should all work together to help the less fortunate people, planet, and the animals. Whether we like it or not, humans aren’t the only inhabitants of planet Earth. Everyone takes things for granted. There is only one planet Earth;sure there could be other possible life supporting planets but one exactly like Earth. Let’s not focus on little things that can be changed by one person or a small group. We should all focus on the pollution problem, helping animals, helping people in need.
The smallest act can make a big difference. Keeping trash out of your yard and off the ground can help animals and people. Trash isn’t good for animals or people. Why can’t we have affordable alternative fuels/environmentally friendly cars for everyone? Not everyone may have those things but the more people that do, the faster we can find an end to the pollution problem;yes, the process for fixing may take years like it did before the problem got bad. Let’s help the planet before it gets worse.
Sorry for rambling. Spread kindness! Share a smile! Have an amazing day/night!

Karalynn Black says:

Hopefully they won't go to extinction.

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