Where Civil Rights Meet the Civil War | The Daily 360 | The News York Times

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Lexington, Va., has a rich Confederate history. This year, residents marched in the city's first Martin Luther King Jr. parade. Down the road, others saluted the Confederacy.

Byline: Julia Wall, Logan Jaffe.

Read the story here: http://bit.ly/2jR3svh

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Where Civil Rights Meet the Civil War | The Daily 360 | The News York Times


hyperionjupiter says:

nowadays, racists spreading anti-racism … anarchists/liberals abandon centralized governments but adopting totalitarian-style administrations and laws (dictatorships) … do racists and liberals really live better ?

legionario italiano says:

i am an italian fascist but

Phillip Jones says:

What the hell is this

Bob Sponja Tocopilla says:

pura mierda.

Extys says:

I'm not American, can somebody explain how they can be both American patriots and for the Confederate side of the civil war? This doesn't make any sense to me.

Joey l Kerns says:

lay the Confederate flag to rest

Mercury Poizund says:

ny times is the worst rag and phoney jewish media source since at least the JFK ASSASSINATION. L.O.L.

SighDown says:

hate this 360 – can't see anything!

chaosXpert says:

Just leave the Confederate flag wavers alone. If they say they fly it for their Southern heritage and Southern pride, and not because they're racist, then let them do it. Why would they lie about why they fly that flag?

theylied1776 says:

Legacy of Southern people? That is the legacy of slavery.

Ajani Raja says:

It's funny how they talk about making America pure again and getting rid of immigrants, but they still raise the flag of traitors.

G. Adams says:

OFC the slaveowners rebellion commemorators march with a pig lives matter flag!

butchdeadlift10 says:

Gonna burn some confederate flags in the years to come. The problem being not stealing them or opts having anyone make a profit. "please donate your confederate flags so I can burn them protest marches" is awkward on so many levels it boggles the mind.

Edward Alvarez says:

I bet they are all related someway lol

caiuscosades says:

God bless the South!

Galib Kabir says:


Galib Kabir says:


Galib Kabir says:


Dann Bokman says:

With everyday that goes by the more I hate living in America.

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