World of Tanks – The Rise & Fall: Inside the Panther 360°

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Wats the sound at the back round is called

keroji s says:

It is really tight in there. The crews would surely look after each other like their own family.

MAVvH says:

If you play it at .5x speed, he sounds drunk as hell.

ace kenway says:

wargaming tell me what the background music is called, its so epic i need to know


And where is the fall?

Tamás Besenyei says:

Amazing vid.

Palermo88 says:

really poor tank in the game itself almost like made for target shooting nothing more.

Utku Berke says:

Please use this 360 camera in all the videos that show the inside of the tower

Florian Becker says:

well, 360 inside the tanks are so awsome, gives a much better feel about the space inside <3

Zanko says:

is it gonna be a series with more tanks?

Jack Ass says:

*click*, and then, "wait, WHAT!"

Eero Laatunen says:

This was cool!

Aidan Tomkins says:

even if you put it on the 4K setting it still looks really blurry

mon05 says:

nice t8 premium tank there

lorenzrudolf says:

Like the 360 vids
Pls do the T 95

Blitzkrieg 1943 says:

"Now do This inside The Togll!!"

mett7 says:

Amazing vid, more please from other tanks.

Edward Harold Butler says:

I can not see a dam thing on the cell phone. Do you have a regular view video by any chance.

DarkLight15 80 says:

That's all I can say

3D-VR-360 VIDEOS says:

inside the Panther

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