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The killing of a Mexican 16-year-old raises troubling questions about the United States Border Patrol.

Read the story here: http://nyti.ms/1WYNE6M

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10 Shots Across the Border | 360 VR Video | The New York Times


jenis betzke says:

"her son never crossed the border"….legally, you mean. How do you know he did not deliver marijuana by climbing the fence – just like some of his friends?

jenis betzke says:

what a heartbreaking atmosphere the Times has created in this video…wonder how they'd report on Palestinian children being killed regularly for throwing rocks in their very own backyard. For throwing those rocks at occupying soldiers who constantly humiliate the boys' parents and make them strip down at every possibility that is…but not a word on that by the neworktimes.

Charles Long says:

We don’t even have as much protection at our border as they do in Europe between European nations, and they are all in the EU.

Steve Grydzyn says:

He was a smuggler, yes he shouldn't have been shot, but he was playing a dangerous game.

Joshverd says:

If your smuggling you deserve to get shot. Not an innocent boy walking on the street.

boss president says:

sad to hear and see but as long as the Mexican people do not stop the drug smuggling, illegal immigration, violence and spread of corruption in their government officials, the United States has to protect the border and the people at all cost.
If mexicans official really cared about their relationship with the US government and its people then how come el chapo still not extradited? and is seen as an icon?
is trump right when he wants to build a bigger fence and make the mexican government pay for it? why not? if they can make billions of dollars in drug money a year (365 days) and make the US population drug addicts (heroin,meth,cocaine) then how come they cant pay for it? or for that fact pay for the healthcare of those hurt by the drugs they are smuggling and also pay to support the life of all the thousands of central american illegal immigrant children that irresponsible and coward parents are sending alone?

dmitriy40 says:

A stronger border is needed. Taller wall, proper buffer areas.

M R says:

We need to stand together and become one again. Invest in building bridges rather than barriers. We should put our money into pens and computers instead of guns and weapons. I don't get the logic behind all of the rules and protocols we have because, at the end of the day, what the community needs isn't a fence splitting their town; it need opportunities to get jobs and freedom to go off and explore world around them. I miss the 70's. No one cared about passports and fences- you could take a road trip from Turkey all the way to India. I feel like from a societal culture perspective, we have gone backwards into ignorance, brutality and bigotry.

Tom says:

Bro I can't see crap!!!!

dmitriy40 says:

A stronger border is needed. Taller wall, plus buffer area.

525Lines says:

A proper border would have a buffer between the communities and the wall, a neutral zone where border patrols can see things going on and take action without hurting people nearby.

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