A Day in the St. Pete Sunshine | St. Pete, FL

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Skunk'd Life says:

too bad our mayor is doing everything to destroy the charm we once had for greed. And our utilities are a bunch of incompetent idiots that get your credit info hacked and charge you for it. The sanitation department forgets to pick up the whole streets garbage for over a week in the dead of summer. What do we get for these pleasures?? Oh thats right we get to front the bill and have out utilities skyrocket so more people can move into the already way overcrowded city. Mayor krismann you are a scumbag

BabyG says:

Who made this video??? To whoever shot and edited this video, huge respect!!!!!

Jarvis Frederick says:

Gotta move back. Going insane

RG Group says:

Amazing video of our gorgeous city!

Fructoze Productions says:


Gabe Hobbs says:

The Sunshine City!!!

Infinite Skillz says:

If you like the last song in the video you can download it at http://www.infiniteskillz.com/yams

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