A Walk Through Dementia – at home

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See the new version of this video at https://youtu.be/2EO7Dh3fM7Y

A Walk Through Dementia is a unique app designed to put you in the shoes of someone living with dementia. See one of the 360 clips from the experience.



魏翠華 says:

We are from Taiwan ROC
First of all thank you for providing videos to let people experience dementia
Your video is of great help to the general public in understanding the life difficulties of dementia cases.
We want to use your videos to promote dementia awareness
We want to add Chinese subtitles
I hope you are willing to agree with our practice
Can you open permissions for text editing?

Alison Lundie says:

Totally ridiculous!! Can anyone recall the amount of sugar or milk, and on a telephone call to a person with dementia! This must be the most pathetically inaccurate video I have ever seen…so far…😰😡

Barbara Stepien-foad says:

you wouldn't give instructions over the phone to someone with dementia surely??

Fae Thompson says:

i couldnt find the person at first

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