Africa is the youngest continent

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While the rest of the world keeps getting older, the median age of Africa—and especially sub-Saharan Africa—stays young. Bill Gates explains how these young people can be a huge asset. If they're healthy and educated, they will drive economic growth and innovation. Learn more at


Jack Carter says:

80% of all food in Africa is imported from the West and Asia. . just saying

Africanos Americanos says:

is this guy really using what will happen in the year 2100 to scare people about africa?

Africanos Americanos says:

hey Bill…then stop setting up Abortion clinics in Africa if you believe in the youth so much

C Roys says:

Get him out..

Buenade says:

This sounds like slavery with extra steps

Divya Drishti says:

Bill they could be taken advantage of their poverty too by sm….if there's not much economic or educational growth…

Shlomo Von Shekelstein says:

Great, more people with an IQ less than 90 just what we need

ThugCookie says:

they’re just assets lol

Not to be racist, but says:

Fortnite has made a change…

Tsusame says:

I’m stupid, I thought this was something about bringing back slavery

Nevo Hyams says:

But if Africa develops, the median age will go up again…

No offense, but I don't really think of these countries as youthful and thriving, but more of as poor and uneducated (of course not the people's fault)

jasiel delgado says:

Cuz they're breeding unlike here

People out here don't want kids
Since the last gen

Fadi says:

They can grow vegetables for us Americans 😂

hitesh tank says:

आदरणीय बिल गेट्स आप जिस अफ्रीकी उपमहाद्वीप के विषय में बात कर रहे हैं मैं आपको उसी उपमहाद्वीप के विषय में बताना चाहता हूं कि जब उपनिवेशवाद अपने चरम सीमाओं पर था तब बरतानिया, स्पेन, पुर्तगीज, जर्मनी, जैसे देशों ने इसी अफ्रीकी उपमहाद्वीप के लोगों को गुलाम बनाया एवं मानवता की सारी हदें पार करते हुए एक समय ऐसा आया जब इतने बड़े उपमहाद्वीप की जनसंख्या 19वीं सदी में महज 10 करोड़ की ही रह गई यदि आपको लगता है कि मैं आपसे झूठ बोल रहा हूं तो इतिहास किताब उठाकर देखिए की आप जैसे गोरे लोगों में किस तरह अफ्रीकी एवं एशियाई लोगों का शोषण किया है।

g says:

Bill Gates is right – investing in their health and education does really pay off. Soon, these kids will graduate and take jobs. More employment usually means more PC' being sold. Microsoft controls almost 85% of the market share for operating systems.

Nico Romano says:

Oh, it's great to see a youtuber donating part of his monetization to Africa to reduce them

Sinclair zx81 says:

"Teaching African refugees how to program JavaScript"

Miaau Comedy Vines says:

Sir,does your monetize on??🤣🤣
Are you worried about it??😂😂

Steve Jurgens says:

Bill Gates should spend much more of his money in his home country – we need it here. He should stop meddling in the affairs of Africa and other developing regions.

Sunita Dwarka says:

Thank for loving African people. I have complete plan to uplift food and economic conditions of Africa
and poorer countries. I will submit to my holyguruji. I am just waiting for that acupious day when, he will come to take me. I can't give on net. Every thing is just in front of you. We don't need to discover any thing. Only we need is nice arrangements plan. Namh shivay.

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