Biggi Hilmars w. Arstidir – Grenfell Our Home (Official Music Video)

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The official video for 'Grenfell Our Home' by Biggi Hilmars, the main theme from the acclaimed VR documentary 'Grenfell: Our Home'. Soundtrack available here:

Director: Vala Omarsdottir
Filmed and edited by Asgeir Helgi Thrastarson
Art director: Maria Kjartans
Produced by Vinnslan.
Choir: Biggi Hilmars with Arstidir (Ragnar Olafsson and Gunnar Mar Jakobsson). Additional voices performed by Una Stef.
Graphics by courtesy of Parable Works.


Lullaby says:

Wow wonderful ! I like this kind of music, you can feel the emotions, it's sweet but destructive at the same time, I have chills. Thank you very much, I love your work 😍 (I'm a french fan hihi)

PLUCHE says:

It's such a beautiful song. Thank You.

Patricia Gracia says:

What a wonderful song for such a terrible event

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