Damming the Nile in 360 video: Episode 1 – BBC News

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Ethiopia is a country with big ambitions, and they don’t come much bigger than the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Africa’s largest hydroelectric power project is two thirds finished and the dam can already control the flow of the Blue Nile, which is deeply upsetting downstream Egypt who they didn’t consult before building started. In the first part of the BBC News Virtual Reality documentary series “Damming The Nile” you’ll be taken on a journey from the sacred source of the Blue Nile, down waterfalls and through canyons to see this giant dam being built. You’ll travel on East Africa’s first metro train, go for a traditional Ethiopian lunch to hear why people are paying for this multi-billion dollar project, see the extent of Ethiopia’s growth and ambitions, and hear the government’s view on the political crisis the dam project has created. When finished, watch episode 2.
Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam chief engineer Simegnew Bekele was shot dead in his car in Addis Ababa in July 2018. Ethiopian authorities are investigating his death

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Seenic says:

Ayy u already know im doin some geography.

Rosemary M says:

I just come here to play around with the 360 camera thing

Selam: I love you Jesus Christ says:

So Egypt is using and making a damn from the Nile itself in the Ethiopians can't even do that with their portion of the Nile River that's not fair I am for the damn go Ethiopia

helen sweet says:

God bless Ethiopian 💚💛❤

marvin mandela says:

I Really love this 3d concept but the Graphics are freaking Horrendous guys

I love u but says:

Not everyone is ready for 3D because not everyone has the VR glasses yet. It was annoying have to turn it with ur hands. Slow down bbc

jul eth says:

i havent seen it but i can tell u whos side zey r on……we said enough modern day slavery i swear i cant understand wh white and arab still think they can control blacks for Gods sake we are in 21st century

Keegan Moonshine says:

My mom will love this. Thanks

Mingo Tubman says:

Horrible resolution!

Billy G H says:

WOW what a total bulshit is Egyptians talking.They build the ASWAN DAM for their own economical benefit without involving anyone and now they complaining and blaming ETHIOPIA for building their own DAM .👏👏👏👏

Mirsha Media says:

Good to see the big players adopting 360° media!! 👌🏽👍🏽

raytrevor1 says:

No mention in the program that the populations of Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan are rocketing. The dam is irrelevant. There soon will not be enough water for any of the countries, unless they address that problem.

bircruz555 says:

The moment I noticed it was produced by BBC, I suspected the same nauseating hyperbole that has become such a characteristic feature of British journalism. Once I clicked on the video and began watching it I was not surprised. There will not be war. In spite of what you are conditioned to report, war is not to anyone's benefit. Certainly not to a downstream nation as Egypt. It would be suicidal, if you get my drift. What kind of idiocy would that be to take other nations' resources by force? Colonial days are long gone. But you cannot help framing it in terms of an impending war, can you?

Happy Hitler says:

No one gives a shit bbc. Go back to propaganda news stroies

Mika Joel says:

You shouldn't have made the audio 360. It gets too quiet if you look away from the audio source (using sterio speakers)

Shahzid Roshan says:

Enjoyed the 360 3d !

gary j says:

Egypt has grown quite a bit ! lol
If that satellite image is real how do you fit the rest of the World.. Usual CGI cartoons !

Stephen Bell says:

I liked it. 360 degrees works well I think. Glad to have it in 4K. By the way, thanks for the glass of water, very courteous and a nice touch. 🙂

Elyes Ben Thayer says:

please the song in the debut of the video from 00:10 to 01:19

cary bary says:

Never mind that. You been dodging corbyn scandal. Bbcnews didn’t even interrogate corbyn. Time to axe the tv license.

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