Donbass 360 drone video: Donetsk airport ruins and testimony

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RT announced the launch of a new mobile application during a recent conference in Moscow marking the channel’s 10th anniversary. RT360 takes the user inside a news story by immersing them in a panoramic video.

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RT (Russia Today) is a global news network broadcasting from Moscow and Washington studios. RT is the first news channel to break the 1 billion YouTube views benchmark.


LPS - собаки хаски Хаски Белый says:

Русские ?

Aliona Olszewska says:

Любимый Донецк

ACoral says:

Russians will never confess they actually did it. I feel pain when seen ny native city in ruin… russia go home! Live us and our cities! You are not welcome in Ukraine!

harland hurd says:

Quite ironic that this is on RT, when it was Russia who destroyed the airport.

Ali Lacy says:

Thank you U.S. for destroying another sovereign state for refusing to play ball with you. I'm sure the civilians of Donbass are ready for democracy and Capitalism now..I guess supporting Kiev Ukraine's far right government is part of democracy too 😞

UVB76 -4625KHZ says:

America/Israel ,you broke it ! Pay for it! $$$$$$$$ Pay up!

AgroTV Ukraine says:

Спасибо Путину за "мир"

AgroTV Ukraine says:

РТ снимает доказательства для Гааги, бесчинств "ихтамнетов".

Spaceottr says:

The resolution of this 360° is exceptional. What was your set-up and what kind of file did you output for YouTube?

Ralf-Stefan Krause says:

Would love to see the drone you are flying 🙂

fr3style says:

How did you guys shoot this. was the 360 camera on a gimbal?

Pepe no pictr,lel says:

thanks ATO for killing such a beautiful city.THANKS ASSHOLES,THANKS POROSWINE.

Kevin Mackenzie says:

Poroshenko-fucking murderer!!!

Simone Morandi says:

Eurocrats caused this civil war.

рус земеля says:

Poroshenko and now bombs donetsk.poroshenko and his team of killers. America is sponsoring the killers!

Knox Hart says:

What 360 cam is this?

Niall Bradley says:

Ruins, like everything else the US touches.

Martin Benek says:

Looks like COD in real life… which means pretty fuckin scary 🙁

Super towed Plush squad says:

This looks like a bad video game. You people who take this seriously are sheep and part of this big illusion.

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