Experience of "Wild Dolphin Waterproof VR" in Laval Virtual ReVolution 2018

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Real Pool + Virtual Dolphin
Wild Dolphin Waterproof VR
Marijke Sjollema / Benno BRADA
The Dolphin Swim Club, Netherlands

Waterproof VR Goggles by the "Dolphin Swim Club" an non profit organization from Netherlands. You can swim in real water, with virtual dolphins. In the Laval Virtual ReVolution 2018, we will install a tank to explore the therapeutic use of VR and presence that creates a double-meaning for immersion also has the added advantage of not requiring the use of captive animals. Bring your swimsuits, immerse yourself into the water in the expo, we will have a powder room, too.


Michiel de Ruyter says:

Beautifull video!

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