GoPro: Line of the Winter March 2016 Co-winner Blaine Gallivan

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Blaine Gallivan drops an epic line down Corbett's at Jackson Hole and ties with Léo Taillefer, for best line for the month of March.

GoPro, Transworld Snowboarding, and have teamed up to bring you a video contest like no other. We’re looking for your best line this winter! Find your line, turn on your GoPro and document the action for a chance to win the $20,000 grand prize. We’re looking for innovative filming, technical riding, great lighting and creativity.

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Casey Poe says:

I have dropped Corbet's from a standstill. I can't believe someone can do this at these speeds.

Dantè Pillon says:

The thing I’ve always found really weird about these videos is that you can’t hear a thump when they land from a jump so sometimes it’s confusing because you don’t know whether they’ve landed or not

Darek 11 says:

What's the song.??

Cyprien Philipp says:

Ptn il est pas humain

EKJ says:


Allie Holm says:

That jump at 0:52 scared me. Especially when the music stopped

Peter J Reynolds says:

I say tuck or loose those poles, deep knee bend, lean back, keep thrusting those ski's forward and stop turning….. balls out straight down, you wont have to pole it, and your adrenal glands will be producing at break neck speed. Oh, one more thing loosen up your bindings because if you fall at 80 mph it's either your ligaments or snap of a binding release. Thats how we ski on Killington ice!

Francisthefootball says:

I left my heart in The Hole

AkulTV says:

Hold my bear

Felugox Plays says:

The mogles make my spine go through my head

Martin indol says:

Gopro need update the fix… its fuckup.

Danya Wars says:

Ну его нахуй, обосбашенный


bu kayak kayan insan mı ak

Angel Mitrevski says:

What is this i can do this to pff oh wait shit im out

Daniel Courtney says:

oh that tree

Mandy Suguitan says:

He probably scared the shit out of all those people😂😂

Hagan Wagner says:

This was way better then the line that won

Алексей Тула 71Rus says:


Epic Car Vidz says:

Im just supprised that he isnt dead

Epic Car Vidz says:

i think my mind is on life support

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