Lucio Fontana, an Artist Ahead of His Time | 360 Video

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Lucio Fontana, who died in 1968, was best known for his slashes on canvas. An exhibition in Milan is casting a new light on a less known part of his work that sets him at the forefront of art installation.

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julian hobrough says:

When art becomes dumpster trash.

Alex says:

I feel like there just feeding is garbage

Belisarius says:


postshanna says:

i just cant get into these VR vids. love the content but the forced interaction kinda ruin it for me. just my 2 cents

Aaron Leopold says:

This was fantastic, a really good story for this type of medium. I’m not wearing VR, and this is still an amazing thing to experience; to think this generation of AR/VR is the infancy of the medium, the prospects of future gens are sort of surreal. However, I also think if the cuts were a bit longer it might allow the viewer more time, which lets them “acclimate” to the calibration, and be able to effectively pan through the scene of the story.

Shamiul Alam says:

and you cannot move the video window

Shamiul Alam says:

I was trying to find where she's talking from in the video, lol

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