Melting Greenland glacier is growing again

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NASA says the world's fastest melting glacier, Jakobshavn in Greenland, has gained ice. However, it does not mean the threat of climate change is over. CBS News contributing meteorologist Jeff Berardelli joins CBSN AM to discuss the glacier and what this means for the future of rising sea levels.


Alfred Mujah Jimmy says:

That was a great development in restoring the glaciers back to its glory and that was a good outcome of overcoming the climate change.

A. Troels Junge says:

…..damage control …the glacier does not behave.
When melting its global , when gaining its local. So many half truth and total BS in that video

Krighton says:

so glaciers smaller BAD…glaciers growing BAD… 🙁

Blue Steel Gaming says:

Global warming is a lie. Just because it losses some ice dose not mean it's global warming , it just means Earth is going through it's stages.

Pradhivan Gurusamy says:

In the last 100+- years the sea levels and global temperature have consistently risen and fallen due to many factors such as:

• Earth's Orbit Around the Sun & Moon
• Moon gravitational Orbit
• Distance between Sun & Moon Orbit to Earth
• the sea Levels between 1910-1930 are approximately 1.11m..
You guys need to.check properly

William Talbot says:

Just shows you that our experts don't always know everything that they think they do.

Graf von Rix says:

But Greenland was named Greenland by Eric the Red because it was green there was a lot less ice there than there is today. Then the little ice age happened during Middle Ages and Greenland became too cold to inhabit and the Vikings left. But of course scientists swear that global warming is man made 🙂

sombooth boo99 says:

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Turd Fergason says:

1:02 it started receding in the 1850's when co2 levels were very low . And now it's growing when co2 levels are very high . Almost like their theory is horseshit. But maybe that's just me. And science.

old man vollox says:

little kid caught wind hand in cookie jar     what  a crock   100% oure bull   no real facts

حبجميل KËŸLÄ KËŸLÄ LŒVë ‎حبجميل says:

Pray that the refreezing of the poles start. Planetal (Global) Warming is still happening, and yes! it is!! REAL!!!!. A Natural Refreezing Of The Poles; perhaps?,!; by a geographical Blessing as well; maybe Mother Nature’s way of fighting the Human Fever; kinda like how humans go through a similar process when over heating. Sweating is how some Animals cool down. We are Mirrors Of Our Planet(Parent). WE MUST DO BETTER!…!. You Can Not Ask For Life If You Abuse The Privilege Of Life? Understand that immensely; down to our very Atoms.

Mike Lincoln says:

I don't fully understand what the agenda is supposed to be. I was in Ireland and on the principle national TV web site was an article about sea level rise around Ireland's coast and ice melting. I provided photographic evidence showing historic tidal markings ranging from 1780s – 1930s, (16 locations), which disproved, point blank made it impossible to suggest sea level increase around Ireland had, at least up to that date in 2018, occurred. They just quietly removed the article.They would not respond or engage with me. They removed the article and choose to ignore me.
Geologists have pointed out that in the northern part of Ireland the whole land mass is rebounding (rising out of the sea), as a result of being compressed by over 2km of ice sheets during the last glacial expansion, that ended some 20k years ago. The land mass is rising, which means that mean sea level around the coast of northern, and north western/ eastern Ireland should and is falling. And yet, still the narrative is sea levels are rising. Even though it's impossible. Even though all empirical evidence show mean sea levels declining.
Everyone singing from the discredited UN IPCC hymn sheet.

Kenneth Dokus says:

It's called the ebb and flow of mother Earth. I can't stand these politicians like Biden and others. They want to get this "global warming" now " " climate change" narrative going because they the politicians get money from the companies who get contracts, keep ck backs in many round about ways. That's why they bang the drum so hard, And why do they all go into big politics with mediocre money and come out big millionaires all of them. It's the new religion for y'all . Big money maker for them.

vmmusa 123 says:

As simple as an under water volcano erupting can change glacier size. Global warming is a Earth made natural process not man made. The Ice Age did not end because of man it ended because of the natural cycle of the planets climate.

star cruiser says:

So if it melts its global warmingnif it grows its natural variability. What a bunch of liars

Sheryl says:

The seas are NOT rising. It's climate change alright but not from CO2. It's the sun! But you can't slap a carbon tax on the sun can you?!

blue 47 Bk says:

This look when the earth wind esposa bit harder or the shakes a little harder we all talked with down pretty easily

blue 47 Bk says:

What if we are not at big shots on planet as we thought

blue 47 Bk says:

What if we truly have no impact even if you try on the Earth

blue 47 Bk says:

What if Earth is a lot more tougher than we give it credit for

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