MY APARTMENT TOUR IN VR! | Meredith Foster

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Hi Guys!! I'm partnering with the Special Olympics to send some really deserving athletes to the 2017 Winter Games in AUSTRIA!! Even $1 will make a huge difference! DONATE NOW:

In this 360º VR video you can see everything in my room and whole apartment! Make sure to watch in the YouTube app or on Google Chrome! Thank you to my friends at Surreal from for making this video possible!

Thank you guys for all the sweet & thoughtful birthday messages and edits! They make my day and put the biggest smile on my face. I love you merebears with all my heart ❤️

If you see this comment "Get lit" 😎


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Snapchat: itsmerefoster


chrissy lanp says:

This is so coool!

c h e e r y c o l a says:

When I move my device the screen moves! 😱

GachaSisters says:

omg i’m like a camera person!

cutefox studio says:

This is so ooooooooooooo cool

x.abditory jones says:

Cool video but terrible quality

Niki Morgan says:

Hi! Sorry for the comment but does anyone know where her couch is from?

Nichole Tysoe-Short says:

Everyone rralised they could use their fingers after they were rolling around, but it won't even move when I roll😂

Ms. JuIcE! says:

I wish kdrama hava 360 drama😂

amna junejo says:

Now we can we want to walk in this house

InStyle-Decor says:

Love it Jenny at InStyle-Decor Luxury Interiors Hollywood

Shelby The best says:

Very nice u got a cool apartment

Pip G says:

i normally watch these to turn to the other side and not watch what shes doiung XD

Gymnast40 says:

Why is it shakey

Schmemily Schmimbach says:

when the video started I was like wtf who filmed this they are cutting her head off then I realized… 😂

Y Aran says:

I love everything about your apartment!

Leila Ghauri says:

Cool tour!
I moved out too!
I uploaded an empty apartment tour video 🙂
Check it out and let me know what you think?

Spoiler alert: My place is not as pretty as yours 😛

May Georgopoulou says:

could you do one for your new apartment?

• briella • says:

Seriously a ad came on of a vr video while your doing it! XD

Yaaseen Allie says:

Love the video, how did you record the video, and how did you add that extra video which pops up along side you during the video?

Corey Ranken says:

Do more 360 videos their so good like all of your videos

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