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In February 2015, Islamic State militants posted a video online showing the destruction of antiquities in and around the city of Mosul in Northern Iraq. For our first virtual reality project and 360° video, we have built a virtual museum to house those destroyed objects. This reconstruction of the Mosul Museum in Iraq was commissioned by The Economist Media Lab in association with Project Mosul.

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RecoVR: Mosul takes you on a tour of the virtual Mosul Museum in Iraq to showcase the work of Rekrei (formerly known as Project Mosul), a heritage project dedicated to restoring lost cultural heritage through photogrammetry and 3D modeling. The tour highlights antiquities in and around the Mosul Museum that were destroyed by Islamic State in 2015. It tells the story of their destruction and explains how The Economist and Project Mosul reconstructed the antiquities and built the virtual museum. Read the full story here:

RecoVR: Mosul was created by Ziv Schneider and Laura Chen in The Economist Media Lab and premiered at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in November 2015. This version features additional VR production by Visualise.

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Mohit Mohan Mishra says:

The recovery of mosul museum is totally satisfying

Mike Trieu says:

It'd be better if in the future you could render this in a higher resolution than 1080s. That's much too low for 360° video. Remember that your viewing window is now being wrapped around a sphere, so those pixels are also being stretched out.

James M says:

ISLAM IS SOOOOOOOO fucked. All religions are(in my opinion), but no other modern religion has the absolute disregard for the lives of non-believers and attempts to impose their ideals on humanity in the violent way muslims do. You can argue that it is a product of small extremist sects… but they WOULD NOT exist without the religion.

ZaNkAzAhh says:

Why I cannot see? black background. However I have the audio….
This is not available in France?

Thomas Levy says:

Great work and innovative, Congratulations Matt!

Normann Kallmus says:

Amazing project repairing as far as possible the stupidities of human being

john smith says:

if it weren't for isis i would have never learned of mosul's history.. those assholes just put mosul on a spotlight ..XD

yung malaria says:

Of all the things that have happened in Iraq with ISIS seeing these monuments destroyed, is more disturbing to me.

sara meachel says:

Thank you !

Brendan McGill says:

Incredible work, and great reporting on it. Exemplary use of 360 video– proving it's more than just a gimmick.

West Yorkshire says:

It makes my heart sink knowing how much antiquities were lost in Mosul

possible puzzles says:

I had no idea this was vr for 3 straight minutes. I just left it sitting on my table while I got confused and frustrated.

BeoJack says:

great. I'll bet the faculty of whatever school these students were going to fell all over themselves to award them their ph.d.

Сергей Зазулин says:

First they kill Saddam and destroy Iraq, then ISIS grow, then enjoy computer graphics destroyed ISIS. The shame of the United States.

Ömer Topal says:

wow! absolutely amazing!

genericusername1 says:

I know this was supposed to be inspiring but it just made me incredibly sad

Moe Changavar says:

Retarded religions

Private Somebody says:

wow how youtube advances

Mohamed Sahmoune says:


Dimonay says:

That is really awesome.

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