Teaser Hermes | Duchenne – A 360 documentary

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DONATE NOW: http://www.duchenneballoon.org
360 DOCUMENTARY: https://youtu.be/o28-1rJAu8g
BEHIND THE SCENES: https://youtu.be/GsGWl3z6CpQ

For the full 360° experience view on desktop via the YouTube player and on mobile via the YouTube app.
Android YouTube app: http://bit.ly/1ugx5Jz
iOS YouTube app: http://apple.co/2uoZDlS

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a 360° video is worth a million. In this 360° documentary the progression and impact of patients with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy are portrayed. The disease primarily affects boys (1 in 3.500 boys) and symptom onset is in early childhood.

On September 7th people around the globe will raise awareness and money by donating a virtual Duchenne Balloon. This year the goal is to support a global e-learning platform on Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy: education is the first step to make the Duchenne Dreams come true!

This documentary is produced by: https://duchenne.nl


VeeR VR says:

great video!

monkey damaged says:

Maybe you can post this one on VEER.I think the user will love it.

G Meppelink says:

Pipi langkous

Joep van Uden says:

So, why is this shot with a 360 camera? Doesnt really add something to the story or message in my opinion.

Janus v Dongen says:

Springprocessie echternach

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