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People seeking safety from Boko Haram "many of them women and children" are living along a highway in Niger, struggling to survive.

By: Kassie Bracken, Veda Shastri and Samantha Quick

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The Road to Nowhere | The Daily 360 | The New York Times


Jim Hempel says:

quite having 20 fuking kids when you live in the dessert for fuks sake

J says:

The road of struggle is an measurement of persistence. The drive to keep moving with precision is the measurement of the struggle. May they find their way to a better place and if not here beyond the heaven gates.

Live Life says:

This is why black lives don't matter

#NextBigThing says:

its not our problem sometimes you gotta look the other way… countries there have the capability to help they choose not to. cant have sympathy

thijsjong says:

Give them all a gun and rip boko haram a new asshole. Wipe that cult of the face of the earth. Kill evey last one of them.

C17H25N says:

Should be playing The Talking Heads, Road to Nowhere.


Have the road lead to a bridge ending in the ocean! Then take a long walk off a short bridge!

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