Total Solar Eclipse from 40,000 feet in 360 Degrees

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Watch the total solar eclipse from 40,000 feet above the Earth. In this 360 degree experience, you will be able to look down and see the moon’s shadow move across the clouds as the sun becomes a small bright dot in the sky above you.
We filmed the Great American Solar Eclipse from a high altitude balloon. The launch took place at the Homestead National Monument in Beatrice, Nebraska on August 21st at 12:30 CST.
Subscribe to see videos of the launch and how we made the camera and tracking payloads attached to the balloon.
Thank you to the Homestead and all the volunteers that helped us launch. We truly appreciate all your help.

Let us know in the comments if you watched the 2017 solar eclipse.

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Jason Heiser says:

everyone is saying its so awesome …but it dosent show anything

zproxy says:

nice. too bad ya cant see the ground tho

ARTiculations says:

Omg the edges of horizon is my fav! It's like sunrise everywhere! Jacklyn & Tim, this is one of coolest things I've ever seen. Amazing work!!!!!

Kidlitwriter says:

Amazing! So much work and planning and it paid off with a great video. Congrats!

Draw Curiosity says:

Holy moly, this is incredible!!!

Larry Phischman says:

Did you smite the balloon, Jacklyn?

PalkaDots says:

Wahoooooo! Wicked! You all rock!

Hussiens says:

This looks cool already on my screen. I'm saving it to watch again on my cardboard!

The Science Asylum says:


PBS Digital Studios says:

This is SO COOL.

Rezen says:

That is amazing!

Mr. Beat says:

Wow, you guys got way up there. At 2:40 things get good once you get past those dang clouds.

Willem van de Beek says:

Took a while for me to realise that this was 360, lol 😛

Developmental Enthusiast says:

This is SO COOL!! Congrats on getting some great footage!

Jason Heiser says:

i thought it was a 360 deg view . I haven't seen the sun or moon once. this video only shows the horizon is flat, proving the earth is flat , wich is a plus.

Aven McMaster says:

That's spectacular! So awesome.

zentouro says:

so cool. you did it!

OMGitsScience says:

So awesome! ???

Astro Biological says:

That is freaking awesome. That's all I got to say about that.

Shannon Jones says:

Cool!! ? I guess this means you found the balloon again yay! Haha

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