Satimo Stargate immersive VR experience at Cambridge Consultants, showing measured radiation patterns of consumer devices on the human body (More)

Anatomy4D-- virtual reality tour of the human body.
Hello Frinds, in this video I am going to talk about an app called Andatomy 4D, using which you can have 4D experiance of human body.
With this app you can take a virtual reality tour of the average human body and various organ systems by aiming your smartphone’s camera at an image target.This app is free to downlaod from android goolge play. (More)

The Anatomy Virtual Reality experience with the HTC Vive uses technology as the foundation of education and fully immerses you into the human body. (More)

Get this game on steam: (More)

Am I too old to remember the movie Innerspace? (More)

This was a quick testscene for a virtual reality journey through the human body. (More)

Hey, anatomy instructors! Investigate how the muscular and skeletal systems interact to move the limbs in virtual reality with Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace. Highlight and dissect anatomical individual muscles and bones to show attachment sites, or explore interactive muscle animations to see the musculoskeletal relationship in action! (More)

Chris Wragge visits New York's Weill Cornell Medical College to have a look at a new 3D technology that allows doctors to see inside the human body like never before. It's called CAVE and stands for Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. (More)

Control hi-tech nanobot, race through capillaries, veins and arteries of the human body, fight viruses, avoid cholesterol plaques, thrombus, and lymphocytes! Explore the fluids inside the human body with our unusual arcade racing game - Human Body VR Genetic Survival! (More)

I learned a lot about the human body during this experiment. It's a foreshadow of what we can expect educational programs will be like in the foreseeable future! (More)

My milestone 3 submission for the Oculus VR Mobile Jam. You can see my submission here: (More)

Journey inside the human body and discover new research on how we can use cancer immunotherapy to treat cancer. (More)

Explore the human body in 360 degrees. Learn about new cancer immunotherapy research that is happening at the Malaghan Institute and how it could one day be used as a treatment for cancer. (More)

Final trailer for my VR Jam submission, (More)

Testing out the new positional tracking on the DK2 (More)

BioLucid, a Sarasota based software startup recently announced the launch of YOU, an interactive suite of medical-visualization software that aims to change the way we learn about and interact with the human body. (More)

The Body VR lets you explore anatomy at the molecular level. (More)

VR gameplay from Valve game - "The Lab". One of the experiments - "Human Body Scan". Sorry for bad quality of video. (More)

Medical and surgical doctors dive into the HTC Vive to provide a whole new perspective on a patient's diagnosis and surgical planning. (More)