Superman: The Ultimate Flight at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. This B&M Roller Coaster will take you on the ultimate flight as you will “fly” up a chainlift hill at 106 feet [More]
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Superman at Six Flags America in Maryland.
#themeparkreview #rollercoaster #amusementpark MOVE YOUR PHONE TO LOOK AROUND! Take an awesome Virtual Really 360 VR ride on Superman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas! Best viewed in the YouTube app on your smartphone! SUBSCRIBE TO [More]
MythBuster Adam Savage takes you underwater and face-to-face with a shiver of sharks. Stream Full Episodes on Discovery GO: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Follow [More]
Explore the sunken wreckage of the Ray of Hope with the MythBusters in Virtual Reality. Stream Full Episodes on Discovery GO: Subscribe to Discovery: Join us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: [More]
In 2017, Cassini ended its mission by disintegrating in Saturn’s atmosphere. What were the final images it ever took? GET NORDVPN: USE COUPON CODE: astrum USE THE CODE SO YOU CAN GET 70% off [More]
As NASA’s Cassini spacecraft made its first-ever dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings on April 26, 2017, one of its imaging cameras took a series of rapid-fire images that were used to [More]
In two days time, Cassini will reach the last stage of its Grand Finale when it enters Saturn’s atmosphere. Leading up to this moment, Cassini has been approaching the planet closer than it ever has [More]
In this stunning animation, watch NASA’s Cassini spacecraft begin the last chapter of its 20-year mission to Saturn. Diving deeper into Saturn’s rings than ever before, scientists hope that the data from Cassini’s final orbits [More]
The final chapter in a remarkable mission of exploration and discovery, Cassini’s Grand Finale is in many ways like a brand new mission. Twenty-two times, NASA’s Cassini spacecraft will dive through the unexplored space between [More]
This is a 360 degree simulation of what the Annular Solar Eclipse of June 21, 2020 will look like from space. I was hoping to see this eclipse live but will not be able to [More]
Subscribe to Caters Clips: Subscribe to StoryTrender: ID: 3324737 MANDATORY ONSCREEN CREDIT – Sent Into Space Ltd. Science-enthusiasts managed to film a solar eclipse from the edge of space using a weather balloon [More]
Subscribe and 🔔 to OFFICIAL BBC YouTube 👉 Stream original BBC programmes FIRST on BBC iPlayer 👉 For the first time ever, the BBC is taking you into space to enjoy a 360 [More]
The 2017 total solar eclipse from space filmed on board a high altitude weather balloon. The Great American Eclipse was filmed above Wyoming for the BBC series Earth From Space. We launched a high altitude [More]
Get closer than ever to a total solar eclipse and observe it from all possible angles in this stunning virtual reality video. A collaboration with Subscribe: Watch more: Planet Earth Blue Planet [More]
Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! or Watch More – Is it a rock or is it a Mud Dragon? Sometimes Snapping Turtles are camouflaged so well that even we get confused as to what we’re [More]
Please SUBSCRIBE NOW! Watch More – Alligator Snapping Turtle vs Common Snapping Turtle! Often confused for one another the prehistoric looking Alligator Snapping Turtle and the more widespread Common Snapping Turtle are two [More]