360° Ariana Grande Fortnite Rift Tour Live Event in VR

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Hey everyone and welcome back to 360 Horizons. This NEW Live Fortnite Event was incredible! If you’re new to my channel, feel free to Subscribe, as I create and upload new 360 videos every few days.

– If you’re watching on a phone, you can either use your finger to drag the position of the view, or move your phone to look around the video. Alternatively if you have a VR Headset, then all you need to do is click the VR Icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, slip on your VR Headset and enjoy.

– If you’re watching on a computer or laptop, you can click and drag your mouse/finger to look around the video.

This video was created, edited and published by 360 Horizons.


باب الحارة says:

انتو منين

Eliana Martin says:

It's hard to believe

Alexis Britt says:

Ariana I watched and she wasn't even singing what's up with that,
Bye Bye 👋 😘

Salty Spamz says:

how are these actually made?

Fram Clxsh says:

Dude i loved the Juice WRLD part in 360

Elida Herrera says:

The Ariana grande event was so fun i wanna watch it again 🙁

Anonymous says:

Basically it’s replay mode but different

Tris says:

Thank you but next time when Ariana Grande is twerking can you please go behind

Rosie Parker says:

Thanks to you, I have been trying to find this, as I missed the event. You are the best bro.

Johnny Martinez says:


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