360° Galactus Nexus War Live Event (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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360° Galactus Nexus War Live Event (Fortnite Battle Royale)

I tried my best to capture The Fortnite Event as best as I could, I hope you like the video.


Fortnite Dance Edits says:

If you can, put the video on 8k resolution even if you don't have 8k display/tv, this will sharpen the video by a lot.

Mad Mahad says:

yo g this muhammad from school

Safecape says:

Hopefully he’s whereing pants

lol says:

Pls come back make more editsss🥺

Starlink89 says:

There are awseome on the oculus quest 2 keep up the epic work!

Not Parsa says:

Anyone here because they missed the event?

Cedrick Puse says:

Look at her face its green!!!!!!

Rose Lungay says:

Wow good sharing

JK says:

Yooo that's so cool and welcome back Bro!!!

waboltoes says:

Wow this is sick

M1key Catboy says:

Do more of these

CatKid9989 says:

This sick !

Kiann. says:

ive never seen 8k-

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