Impress your friends by navigating the night sky.
Ursa Major: 1:31, Ursa Minor: 2:20, Cassiopeia: 3:05, Leo: 3:29, Cygnus, Lyra & Aquila: 3:45, Scorpius & Sagittarius: 4:36
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How To Find The Summer Constellations (360° Video).
Once, the sky was full of stories. Ancient cultures filled the heavens with heroes and monsters, and….
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Skid Row in LA has the largest concentration of homeless people in the US and is also located in direct neighborhood to the new Goehte-Institut Los Angeles. German broadcaster Deutsche Welle reports about the district and one of its residents, the artist Crushow Herring. (More)

This 360-degree video places the viewer in the middle of two circling supermassive black holes. The simulation shows how the black holes distort the starry background and capture light, producing black hole silhouettes. A distinctive feature called a photon ring outlines the black holes. The video represents a 46 minute orbital period. This corresponds to a binary with a total mass 1 million times the Sun's mass. The black holes would be separated by about 18.6 million miles (30 million kilometers). The background is a mosaic of the images covering the entire sky as observed by ESA's Gaia mission. (More)

This 360-degree video places the viewer between two circling supermassive black holes around 18.6 million miles (30 million kilometers) apart with an orbital period of 46 minutes. (More)

Watch a 360¡ video of window washers cleaning a skyscraper 900 feet above Midtown Manhattan. (More)

Check out all the celebrities' glamorous looks as they pose on the 2017 Film Indepedendent Spirt Awards red carpet. (More)

The biggest night in the awards calendar is finally upon us and a who's who of the A-list acting elite have taken over Hollywood
The red carpet has been rolled out and the champagne is on ice for today's star-studded ceremony and a host of famous faces are starting to flock to the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood. (More)

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicole Kidman, Sandra Bullock, Lupita Nyong'o and more A-list stars arrived dressed to impressed at the 2018 Academy Awards on Sunday. Check out the red carpet arrivals! (More)

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Oscars 2018 [90th Academy Awards] Red Carpet | Full Video | Celebrity Dresses (More)

One day every year, the whole island becomes a whole gay town.🌈21 (More)

a beautiful day with beautiful people (More)

The video is recorded on 6/24/2018. (More)

Chude Jideonwo is a lawyer and media entrepreneur whose work in the latter drove him to lead the media team of the first opposition party takeover in Nigerian history in the 2015 elections under his company RED Africa. Named by Forbes as one of Africa's 30 best entrepreneurs under 30 and a recent Yale Greenberg Fellow, Chude currently runs Joy Inc., a company designed to make people happier. His current infatuation with questions surrounding societal issues and cultural constructions made for an interview that was loaded with worldview-shifting opinions. (More)

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We went to the Warner Bros Studio Tour which is a behind the scenes tour of Harry Potter on Oct 7 2017. We got to go on the real sets and see the real props. They explain some of the special effects seen in the movie. We even were able to meet with Warwick Davis. Definitely recommend if you are in London. (More)

Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood is a public attraction situated inside Warner Bros. Studios, Burbank close to Hollywood and part of the greater Los Angeles area. It offers visitors the chance to glimpse behind the scenes of one the oldest and most popular film studios in the world over a two to three hour period. (More)

9:04 am December 6th 1917, the explosion in the Halifax Harbour killed thousands and changed the city. (More)

Onboard 360 video for the pass made at the Sacramento Raceway Nitro Night of Fire 2018 finale (More)

This is America’s Navy through the eyes of a Sailor. For our fighter pilots, that view is from the cockpit of an F-18 Super Hornet jet. Catch every mind-blowing angle of this flight over California—then explore the Navy more at (More)

Take a walk around the F-35 with Lockheed Martin F-35 test pilot Tony “Brick” Wilson, the first pilot to conduct an F-35C arrested landing. (More)

Reaction to a VR/360 video from MiGFlug titled "Fighter Jet Formation Flying 360° video - 6 Jets!" (More)

Below is a short video report on the situation facing our Center for Digital Evangelism in the Philippines. It is located just 20 miles from the Taal volcano that erupted earlier this week. (More)

Developed with Unity and the Oculus Rift. (More)

Making more VR videos in the future
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Ashley Tisdale gives you a tour of her closet in 180°. This video is best viewed in a VR headset, cardboard or mobile. Make sure to increase the quality setting for the best experience. Ashley shows off her favorite clothes, sunglasses, shoes and purses. Ashley's second single, “Love Me or Let Me Go” off her album, Symptoms, will be released on 1/25. In addition to her music, Ashley is also the CEO of Illuminate Cosmetics, a cruelty-free beauty line. (More)