After launching to the International Space Station on Nov. 12, 2017, NASA's Optical Communications and Sensor Demonstration, or OCSD, CubeSat mission was deployed from the Cygnus cargo resupply ship and into low-Earth orbit. The pair of bread loaf-size satellites tested the first high-speed data downlink from a CubeSat to a ground station using lasers. The satellites also flew relatively close together to test proximity operations. (More)

"VR Jungle Rafting"
VR Jungle Adventure by MEDIAFRONT (More)

BEST 3D popout jungle.
This video is for 3D televisions and for VR headsets.
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Raw aerial video of damage caused by Hurricane Michael on Mexico Beach. (More)

Watch the FT’s immersive 360 documentary on Dublin’s contemporary crime writing, narrated by the crime writer Tana French. (More)

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WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?! It's the 2nd SEASON of NIGHTMARE Vision! Where are Crying Child and the Animatronics been taken too next?! And what is PlushTrap scheming?! Find out and comment below, what you think is going to happen next! (More)

360° Motion Graphics Series: ▶️Ep1: / ▶️Ep2:
Today, we are back on another episode of advanced 360 VR post-production using Adobe After Effects and Cinema 4D. In today’s episode, we will cover using Free 3D assets on the Internet to create Stereoscopic Over and Under 3D 360 environment with advanced composition techniques. To do this we will be using Adobe FUSE, Mixamo, Mettle FLUX and many other tools. In addition to this, we will demonstrate the basics on how to add shadows, VR glow effects, and seamless spotlight in 3D 360 to sell your Green Screen VR footage in a fully CG environment. (More)

In this excerpt from my Next Level Lighting Workshop, I explain how to create a colored split shadow effect for fitness, or really any other type of photography. Immerse yourself in this virtual reality experience and don't be afraid to ask questions in the comments! (More)

Take a virtual ride in this 360-degree video shot on the FBI Academy’s precision obstacle course as an instructor explains what types of maneuvers new agents are tested on behind the wheel. This video is part of the FBI's Becoming an Agent series. Visit for more information. (More)

Inside the Emirates Boeing 777-300 Amazing Luxury Jet Airliner. Emirates, one of the largest airline companies in world, landed for the first time in Zagreb, Croatia. The inaugural flight Dubai to Zagreb took about six hours, and from June 1st Emirates will start daily, year round direct flights between Zagreb and Dubai.
This flight was an opportunity for journalists to have a look inside this amazing aircraft. (More)

A big thanks to my friends at GoPro for setting me up with the Fusion!
Please be advised, if you are watching this on your smart TV or another non-supported device, the picture will look crazy. You should be able to pan around the video and look as if you were sitting next to me. If that functionality doesn't exist, then you are watching it on a non-supported device.
Route of Flight-
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18 skydivers & 2 aircraft in formation over Lake Elsinore, in 4k 360 VR (More)

Check it out! Got to try out the amazing The Dark Knight Dive, the Batman VR Skydiving attraction at #theBatmanExperience at SDCC 2019. The VR goggles let’s you feel like you’re flying through Gotham chasing the Scarecrow. It’s amazing! (More)

We checked out the Batman Experience at San Diego Comic Con, celebrating 80 years of the cape crusader through rare memorabilia, and a wild VR skydiving experience. (More)

Extreme Roller Coaster Ride Fortnite 360 degree Video Experience Virtual Reality PSVR.
Fortnite 360° Coaster Virtual Reality POV Ride in 360 VR 4K for Google Daydream View, Oculus Rift S & many more. (More)

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Extreme 360 video VR Experience Roller Coaster 360° FORTNITE Nintendo Virtual Reality.
360° Roller Coaster ride with Fortnite themed coaster for Virtual Reality Sony Playstation VR, Nintendo Switch, Oculus Rift S & many more. (More)

Sinking City Apocalypse & Survival Base! - Tiny Town VR Gameplay - HTC Vive VR Game (More)

Today we begin a new series.. Minecraft HARDCORE Survival in Virtual Reality! Let's see if I can beat the game! (More)

Creepers are more Creepy in Minecraft VR! - Minecraft Virtual Reality Gameplay (More)

Welcome to Minecraft VR Skyblock! The concept behind the map is very simple; you spawn on a floating island and must survive and complete challenges with the resources available to you. But this time it's in VR! (More)

Journey to the Edge of Space: Get ready for the drop (360 Video)
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Journey To The Edge Of Space (360 Video) - Subscribe! The Lux Radio Theatre. September 13, 1948. "Another Part Of The Forest". The Southerner becomes . (More)

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360˚ clip of Joe Romeiro and Blue Shark – © 333Productions (More)

3D video Sharks VR Box Shark Cage Tank SBS Oculus Go not 360.
Underwater shark cage/tank diving deep in the ocean getting surrounded by sharks attacking the box filmed in Side By Side 3D VR for Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus Go. (More)

More than a month after Hurricane Matthew ripped through parts of Haiti, some residents in the coastal town of Jérémie are still in their broken houses and waiting for aid. Visit the home of a survivor. (More)

Climb aboard a judge’s riverboat court as it travels through the Amazon. (More)