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Better Off Blue (BOB)/Better Off Red (BOR) – Out Of The Blue And Into The Black? Or Red? Or Neither?

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0:00 Introduction
3:20 Yeetus, TFM, And Cipher
5:22 Entering The Podcast
6:15 Kubler-Ross Model Of Red-Pill
7:02 Acceptance, Echo Chambers, And The Fight
9:19 The Importance Of Individual Identity
12:24 Soldiers, Prisoners, And Rejecting Roles
14:20 Out In The Void And Better Off Bluepill (BOB)
16:40 The Amish And The Witnesses
18:02 A Reminder Of Why I Do This Channel
21:16 Why BOB?
21:47 Feminism Would Use This To Discredit RP
22:33 Better Off Redpill (BOR)
24:26 The Nihilistic Valley Of Blackpill
24:56 Genetics, Looks, And Identity
25:36 Pursuing Knowledge and Closing Thoughts


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