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Call of duty mobile live | PRO league | Chill LIVE STREAM 🔴 | lokey arcades

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❑Hello guys LOKEY here! Welcome to my live stream 🔴. This is a gaming channel I play PUBG MOBILE, Call of duty mobile ,among us and many other mobile games .
This is a new YouTube channel made for CHILL live streaming and uploading informative video about games. This stream is for gaming and entertainment. Any curse words in the stream is just for fun and for people’s entertainment and not to hurt anyone’s sentiments, so please don’t be offended and enjoy the stream.


❑Rules ➤

1. Please be courteous, helpful, and respectful to everyone.
2. No advertisement of any kind without permission, that includes self-promotion.
3. Respect each other feeling and help me to create a good YT community.

DISCORD LINK – https://discord.gg/Ryta6TM

❑ PC info➤ bhot hi jada TATTI laptop

❑ Device➤ POCO F1 – gareebo kaa masiha

#live #lokeyarcades #gaming


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