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China, One Week Before Coronavirus Lockdown – an 8K 360 VR Experience | Shot on Qoocam 8K

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China is a beautiful country with an incredible history. Recently, it has become known for one thing: Coronavirus (COVID-19).
We hope this 8K 360 VR experience reminds you of how beautiful China is – the landscapes that take your breath away, the monuments that inspire awe, the power of its natural wonder.
This 360 video captured the Dinghu Mountain National Nature Reserve, just one week before the coronavirus outbreak became widespread.
Please enjoy this experience with your favorite VR headset – Oculus Go, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, or Samsung Gear, and a pair of headphones 🎧. It contains powerful visual and audio designed for immersive viewing.

▶️Watch directly on Oculus TV:

Film Awards
🏆 Winner: The American Film Award 2020 (NYC)
🏆 Winner: China VR/AR/MR Festival
🏆 Winner: Southern California Drone Film Festival 2021
🏆 Winner: Boston Drone Film Festival 2021 – 360° video category
🏆 The Top 15 VR Videos of 2020, Forbes:

Script by: Michael Tringe
Filmed by: Hugh Hou
An original CreatorUp Production.

Special thanks to Hugh’s family – who are currently still in China because of the lockdown and are not able to return home to California.

Shot on Kandao Qoocam 8K

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